Milwaukee Bucks 2022 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Jalen Williams

BOISE, ID - DECEMBER 14: (Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images)
BOISE, ID - DECEMBER 14: (Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks Draft Scouting Report: Jalen Williams – Weaknesses


Jalen Williams does not possess a ton of quickness, and this is the one thing that can limit his potential on both ends. Although he is able to still finish effectively and hit contested shots due to his length, his lack of burst doesn’t do him any favors offensively and can make things difficult for him. Defensively, he can struggle to move laterally and stay in front of guys at times, and this may hurt him on that end even though he can make up for it with his length sometimes. He is definitely a player who relies more on length and size rather than athleticism or quickness.

Shooting Questions

Although Williams had such fantastic shooting numbers last year all around, he didn’t have that same sustained success his first two years, shooting just 32 percent from three in his freshman and sophomore seasons combined. It is certainly possible he has just become a very good shooter with time, but the year-to-year inconsistency raises his questions. He shot 35 percent from three his freshman year, 27 percent his sophomore year, and then 40 percent his junior year. Maybe his shooting is not as much of a sure thing as it seems.