Reactions to the Milwaukee Bucks bringing back Rayjon Tucker and Luca Vildoza

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CLEVELAND, OHIO - APRIL 10 (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
Team Japan: Yuki Togashi. Team Argentina: Luca Vildoza
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Last week, ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks beginning their summer league slate, it was reported and reacted to that the Bucks had waived both Rayjon Tucker and Luca Vildoza. However, despite being waived, both names still appeared on the team’s summer league roster and it was reported by Keith Smith of spotrac, that the two were given non-guaranteed training camp contracts

What does that mean for the Milwaukee Bucks?

It could mean a few things potentially, some possibly more meaningful than others, it could mean that the Milwaukee Bucks’ General Manager Jon Horst is looking for a potential trade partner in a deal that would create a roster spot that could potentially be used for Tucker or Vildoza.

As far as the point guard position goes, concerning Luca Vildoza, it seems that only Jrue Holiday and Jevon Carter are guaranteed spots on the roster. George Hill potentially being traded has been a consistent discussion point in potential trade thoughts.

For the shooting guard position, concerning Rayjon Tucker, the position on the Bucks depth chart is wide open. Grayson Allen started at shooting guard for most of the 2021-22 season, later on the Bucks added Wesley Matthews in free agency and Mike Budenholzer opted to start the veteran, defensive minded Matthews late in the season and in the playoffs. Grayson Allen has also popped up in a lot of trade scenarios for the Milwaukee Bucks.

So if Jon Horst is looking to upgrade the roster in a trade that involves sending out multiple players and getting one back in return, creating an open roster spot, that open spot could potentially be filled by Rayjon Tucker or Luca Vildoza.

Another, less headline grabbing possibility, is that Rayjon Tucker and Luca Vildoza find their way onto the Wisconsin Herd roster in the G-League.

Tucker and Vildoza both played more than 21 minutes in the Milwaukee Bucks first summer league game Friday night against the Brooklyn Nets and it would be expected that both play prominent roles in tonight’s summer league matchup against the Boston Celtics.

In Friday night’s win, Tucker struggled, making just 1-of-5 shots and finishing with a stat-line of three points, two rebounds, one assist and three fouls. Luca faired only slightly better, shooting 2-of-7 and finishing with seven points, four rebounds, two assists and three turnovers. While it is entirely possible that it was just rust causing the slow start for these two, it remains also possible that the non-guaranteed deals they were brought back on for training camp, are for just that, training camp.

A possible third outcome is that Tucker and Vildoza were simply brought back for depth in summer league, training camp and preseason and don’t make it to the regular season in a Milwaukee Bucks or Wisconsin Herd uniform and their non-guaranteed training camp deal is to be taken at face value.

We will certainly have to keep an eye on talks surrounding the Milwaukee Bucks’ roster in the coming weeks and months and more rumors and speculation are certain to continue flying in the face of an early playoff exit and fans clamoring for upgrades.

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