3 Burning questions for Milwaukee Bucks media day

Sept 20, 2019; Milwaukee, WI, USA (Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY Sports)
Sept 20, 2019; Milwaukee, WI, USA (Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY Sports) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: MarJon Beauchamp
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Burning questions for Milwaukee Bucks media day: Who will be the starting shooting guard?

This question is hopefully asked to Head Coach Mike Budenholzer. There are at least three viable options, potentially four depending on how you view Pat Connaughton’s role with the Milwaukee Bucks, he has been quite reliable as a sixth man since joining the Bucks.

Aside from Connaughton, the three names that intrigue me the most as potential options to start at the shooting guard position are last year’s starting shooting guard (for most of the season), Grayson Allen, the veteran defender Wesley Matthews, and the first round rookie MarJon Beauchamp.

Grayson Allen may make more sense than putting a veteran like Wesley Matthews in the starting lineup for the entire season, as Matthews will likely be the most valuable when the Milwaukee Bucks are facing a tough wing player matchup like Kevin Durant or Jayson Tatum. That said, Budenholzer could opt to start Matthews and just substitute for him early in games. So there is a logical path that could explain the thought process behind starting either of these two. However, I would like to insert a wild card, MarJon Beauchamp.

It is certainly a bold prediction to think that a rookie could start opening day for the Milwaukee Bucks, a title contender, but is it really a bad idea? Not necessarily. Starting MarJon would certainly give him the experience that he is going to need to gather this season to assist the Milwaukee Bucks to get back to the NBA Finals and compete for another title, why not throw him in the deep end to start the season? MarJon Beauchamp did a fine job in summer league and will have his first opportunity to showcase what he brings to the table against more experienced NBA players during the preseason.

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Milwaukee Bucks media day is just two days away, hopefully we get some insight on these questions currently surrounding the Bucks. Stay tuned with Behind the Buck Pass for analysis on the information we do get Sunday.