How does the injury to Pat Connaughton affect the Milwaukee Bucks?

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Milwaukee Bucks: Pat Connaughton
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The Milwaukee Bucks were dealt a blow to their bench before the season has even begun. What was a tough year for the Bucks finding bench scoring in 2021-22 now takes an early hit with the report that Pat Connaughton will miss at least three weeks with a calf injury.

Let’s take a look at what this will mean for the Milwaukee Bucks.

What Pat Connaughton’s injury means for the Milwaukee Bucks: 3-point shooting takes a hit

Pat Connaughton in his time with the Milwaukee Bucks has been a very reliable 3-point shooter. Connaughton made 39.5 percent of his 3-point tries in 2021-22, fourth on the team behind just Jevon Carter, Jrue Holiday and Grayson Allen, (among players with consistent minutes through the season). Connaughton has improved his 3-point shooting every single season as a Buck.

The Milwaukee Bucks added a guy who can knock down some threes for them but he won’t be playing likely until the calendar changes to 2023, Joe Ingles. Aside from that the Milwaukee Bucks’ off-season was focused more on retention than acquisition. The Milwaukee Bucks not only had Connaughton opting into his player option and extending him, but also locked up fan favorite Bobby Portis and retained the aforementioned Jevon Carter.

The latter is one who could step up in the area of 3-point shooting, in his 20 games with the Bucks, Jevon Carter shot a blistering 55 percent on 3-point attempts, it would be bold to assume he repeats that feat, but even a 40 plus percent 3-point shooting would be helpful.