NBA insider gives an update on Bucks’ trade interest in Cam Reddish

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - OCTOBER 28 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - OCTOBER 28 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /

The Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks have been linked to one another consistently ahead of the February 9 trade deadline.

While the Bucks have reportedly expressed interest in Immanuel Quickley, most of the trade talks surrounding the two teams have centered on Cam Reddish. The Knicks have been looking to find a new home for Reddish for quite some time now after the forward was booted from the rotation. The Bucks have been linked as a possible suitor, and it appears that what they may be offering in a trade has just been revealed.

According to HoopsHye’s Michael Scotto, the Bucks have kicked around the idea of trading a 2023 second round pick and salary fillers for Reddish. Scotto added that Serge Ibaka, who has not been with the team lately and wants a fresh start elsewhere, and George Hill could possibly be traded to match Reddish’s salary. This is an interesting angle to Milwaukee’s interest in Reddish, given some of the recent rumors that have been swirling.

NBA insider gives an update on Bucks’ trade interest in Cam Reddish

Amidst the Reddish rumors, Scotto previously reported that the Knicks are intrigued with the idea of adding Bucks’ guard Grayson Allen. Understandably so, fans did not like the idea of trading Allen in a deal for Reddish unless it involved other pieces. Thankfully, Scotto cleared things up in his new piece by stating the Bucks have resisted including Allen in any trade talks for Reddish to this point. If the Bucks do go after Reddish, it will almost certainly involve the deal mentioned above.

If the Bucks can acquire Reddish for a second round pick, a veteran who wants to play elsewhere, and another player who is out of the rotation, it would be a low-risk move. Reddish has struggled to find consistency as a player throughout his first four seasons, but perhaps playing with the Bucks could help him find some stability. He’d be playing in a great environment alongside a group of players looking to compete for a championship, which could perhaps bring the best out of him. Given that the Bucks also boast the oldest roster in the league, adding a 23-year-old for some youth would not be the worst move for them.

Though Reddish is a justifiable trade target, especially at that asking price, he should not be the Bucks’ top target. At the moment, all signs point to Jae Crowder being the team’s priority, so the Bucks should not jeopardize their assets for him in a trade for Reddish. If Crowder is moved to a different team, Reddish could be a backup plan in Milwaukee’s pursuit of added wing depth. The Bucks sending a second rounder and salary filler for Reddish would be as low risk as it gets for a former lottery pick, but they get clarity on the ongoing Crowder situation first and foremost. The Bucks could possibly get both, but that could be a long shot.

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Stay tuned to see if Milwaukee’s interest in Reddish intensifies ahead of the trade deadline.