Should the Milwaukee Bucks start the newly acquired Jae Crowder?

After a lengthy pursuit that included months of waiting, four teams, and a handful of second round picks, the Milwaukee Bucks finally acquired Jae Crowder.

Although there is still no timetable for when he will make his Bucks debut, Crowder is set to get on the floor for the first time this season soon. The question at hand is whether or not Crowder could or should be Milwaukee’s fifth starter when he is ready to go or if the team should bring him off of the bench. Given how persistent the front office was in trying to land him, they clearly envision him playing a big role, but it will be interesting to see how the veteran forward is utilized.

Should the Milwaukee Bucks start the newly acquired Jae Crowder?

The appeal that comes with starting Crowder is easy to see. The 6-foot-6 power forward would be yet another strong defender in a lineup full of them. Playing alongside Jrue Holiday, Khris Midleton, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Brook Lopez, Crowder would help create one of the best five-player units defensively in the entire association. The versatility in that lineup would be off the charts, as it is full of players who can switch and defend multiple positions. That is why the Bucks traded for him in the first place, so it would make sense for them to utilize it.

While starting Crowder would make sense, the Bucks will likely wait. Considering that his last NBA game came in May of last year, Crowder will need some time to get back up to speed. Bringing him off the bench, like the Bucks have been doing with Khris Middleton lately, would help manage his minutes and build his strength back up to regain his feel for NBA basketball once again.

Crowder will likely not start for the Bucks immediately, but it would not be surprising if he joined the main five down the line. Last season, Coach Mike Bundenholzer inserted Wesley Matthews into the starting five in place of Grayson Allen shortly before the playoffs last season, and that could very well be on the table again this season, except with Crowder. He offers far more on the defensive end than Allen, which could very well earn him a starting spot closer to the playoffs. For now, Crowder is likely to come off of the bench as he finds his footing in this new environment, but he should be a starter when the postseason starts.

Stay tuned to see where Crowder finds himself in the Milwaukee Bucks’ lineup when he plays.