4 Milestone stats you need to know about Milwaukee Bucks’ Brook Lopez

At the age of 34 (he turns 35 on April 1), Brook Lopez is having one of his best seasons in the NBA. He is just 10 blocked shots short of breaking his career best and has played in 68 of the 69 games the Bucks have played this season.

Here are four stats you might not know about Lopez’s 2022-23 season.

4 Milestone stats you need to know about Milwaukee Bucks’ Brook Lopez

1: With 170 blocks, Lopez is 30 blocks short of becoming the fifth Bucks player in team history to reach the 200-block stat. With 13 games remaining, Lopez, who is averaging 2.5 blocks per game, is on pace to finish the season with 203 blocked shots. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the Milwaukee team record for most blocked shots in a season with 283 (1973-74). Other members of the 200-blocked shot club for the Bucks are Elmore Smith (238 blocks in 1975-76), Jabbar (212 blocks in 1974-75), and Larry Sanders (201 blocks in 2012-13).

2: If Lopez reaches the 200-blocked shot milestone, he would become just the fourth player in the league in his 34-year-old season or beyond to have 200 blocks in a season. Mark Eaton had 205 blocks in 1991-92 in his 35-year-old season; Jabbar had 207 blocks in 1981-82 in his 34-year-old season; and Dikembe Mutombo had 203 blocks in his 34-year-old season in 2000-01. If Lopez could reach 208 blocks this season, he would have the most blocks in a season by a player age 34 or older.

3: Brook has 170 blocked shots and 127 made 3-pointers this season. He is one of two players in league history to have 160+ blocks and 120+ 3-pointers made in the same season. Lopez was the first player ever to reach these two stats in 2018-19 when he had 179 blocks and 187 three-pointers made that season. Jaren Jackson Jr. last season became the second player to reach these numbers when he had 177 blocks and 128 threes made. With his 170 blocks and 127 threes made this year, he becomes the first player in league history to reach 160+ blocks and 120+ threes made in multiple seasons.

4: Lopez is just two games short of playing 70 games in a season for the 11th season. His 68 games for the Bucks this year are second on the team behind Jevon Carter who has played in all 69 of the Bucks’ games this season. When Lopez plays in his 70th game this year he will become the 107th player in NBA history to play in 70 or more games in 11 or more seasons. Robert Parish tops the league in this stat; he played 70 or more games in 20 seasons. Kareem is second on the list with 18 seasons with 70 or more games played.

Brook Lopez is having an incredible season for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Keep an eye on the big man down the stretch.