5 Worst signings in Milwaukee Bucks history

Tim Thomas, Milwaukee Bucks (Photo by: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Tim Thomas, Milwaukee Bucks (Photo by: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Mirza Teletovic, Milwaukee Bucks
Mirza Teletovic, Milwaukee Bucks (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images) /

4. Mirza Teletovic

It’s easy to see why the Milwaukee Bucks would have thought that signing Mirza Teletovic would have been a good idea. Coming off a season where they were one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the league, the Bucks were desperate for shooters. Mirza had just had a career year for the Phoenix Suns. It seemed like a perfect match.

After coming off the bench to average 12 points a game on 39 percent shooting from behind the arc, the Bucks inked Teletovic to a 3-year, $31.5 million dollar deal. At the time it seemed like a bit of an overpay but was the pre-Giannis Bucks, they weren’t exactly a city free agents were begging their agents to get them to get to. And Milwaukee really did need three-point shooting.

Maybe he was misused by Jason Kidd or maybe he simply duped the Bucks into believing that his career year in Phoenix was his new floor but Mirza never panned out the way that the Bucks were hoping he would. He never averaged more than 7 points a game in Milwaukee and was gone after two seasons.

At the time this was the kind of signing the Bucks had to make. They needed the shooting Mirza offered and there simply weren’t better options available. But looking back on it it’s certainly one of the more disappointing signings in recent memory.