3 Goals for Bucks’ Marjon Beauchamp heading into 2023-24 NBA season

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Milwaukee Bucks: MarJon Beauchamp
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MarJon Beauchamp needs to play with consistency to earn a spot in the Milwaukee Bucks’ rotation.

The Bucks have a deep roster, so Beauchamp has always had to put in the work to earn his minutes. He can do this by playing good defense and contributing on offense, sure, but more than anything else, he needs to be consistent.

Beauchamp was on a tight leash under former head coach Mike Budenholzer, and the smallest mistakes were not taken well. He was very much a raw talent, and he needed time to develop his game. It didn’t help that he also had to compete for minutes with the likes of Pat Connaughton and Grayson Allen, who are much more established in this league.

The good news is Milwaukee’s new head tactician could be more forgiving of rookie mistakes. That might eventually come to mean an increased opportunity for Beauchamp going forward.

Consistency necessitates getting inexperienced blunders out of the way first. Beauchamp will have to settle into his role, learn from his mistakes, and make a significant impact on both ends of the floor in his minutes.

Entering the draft, players that Beauchamp was compared to included names like Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder, and Josh Richardson. If you’re sensing a bit of a pattern, you’re absolutely correct. All of these players are good defenders who can guard multiple positions and are also good shooters. Beauchamp has the potential to be a similar player in the NBA and can easily get to that level with proper mentorship and opportunities.

With Joe Ingles and Wesley Matthews entering free agency, the chances of MarJon Beauchamp getting an increased role for the Bucks this season are high. He still has a lot of upsides that should keep the development staff intrigued. He is still a raw player, but he has the potential to be a very good player in the NBA.

To add, the Bucks lost to the Miami Heat with an aging and veteran-stacked roster. The understanding at this point is that they should be looking to get younger and more athletic. This keeps them ready to take on matchups with this league’s premier wings but also future-proofs them for whatever comes next. Teams like Miami and Philadelphia have developed stars in-house off the draft in Tyler Herro and Tyrese Maxey, and the hope is that Beauchamp can eventually come to be that piece for Milwaukee.

If Beauchamp can show marked improvement in these areas of the game, he could be a valuable member of the Bucks rotation. Thankfully, he has three stars in Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, and Jrue Holiday to learn from.

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Stay tuned for more analysis on Beauchamp’s development.