Predicting where each Milwaukee Bucks’ free agent will play in 2023-24

Dec 7, 2022; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 7, 2022; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Wesley Matthews
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Wesley Matthews – Milwaukee Bucks

If 36-year-old Wesley Matthews continues his playing career, it’s almost certainly going to be with the Milwaukee Bucks. It’s not that other teams would not be interested in adding him; it’s just that the Wisconsin native seems like he wants to stick around. When he was a free agent in 2021, the guard reportedly only wanted to play for the Bucks, having turned down offers from other teams. He’d likely do the same once again.

Keeping Matthews would make sense for the Bucks. While he’s in the advanced stages of his NBA career, he’s proved over the past two seasons that he can still play some excellent defense against opposing wing scorers. That alone makes him a valuable piece, and the Bucks have to realize that. In addition to his on-court play, Matthews has always been a great vocal presence and leader for this Milwaukee team. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have him work with MarJon Beauchamp as he looks to make a name for himself in the NBA either.

On top of it all, retaining Matthews would not be expensive by any means. He’d almost certainly take another veteran minimum deal to stick around in Milwaukee for another year. Fans want to see the Bucks get younger, and while keeping Matthews would not allow them to do that, there are several other reasons as to why they should and likely will keep him around.