1 dream, 1 realistic, and 1 floor comparison for Bucks’ Chris Livingston

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Floor comparison for Bucks’ Chris Livingston – George Hill

One thing that makes it difficult to bet on his potential as a scorer is the fact that Livingston shot just 42.9 percent from the field and 30.5 percent from 3-point range in his college years. His shot is going to be clunky and inefficient from the get-go, which will allow defenses to sag off him and clog the paint until he can make them pay for the additional space.

For that reason, defensive, pass-first guards with a competent scoring ability like George Hill are a good starting comparison for Livingston’s floor. When healthy and younger than he is now, Hill has proven himself to be a solid player who has been able to contribute to winning teams in limited doses. He is not a star, but he is a reliable player who can be counted on to do his job. If Livingston can reach Hill’s level, he would be a valuable addition to the Bucks.

In this scenario, Livingston’s bread and butter will be the hustle and intangible side of the ball, as he’s also a good passer and rebounder for his size while playing with energy and effort any given night. He also has a strong work ethic and is a good teammate, which would make him a play-connector on offense more than anything else.

Mike Moser was another versatile player who could play multiple positions with a body type similar to Livingston’s. He was a good shooter and defender, and he also had some playmaking skills. If Livingston can develop just into a player like Moser, he would still be a valuable role player in the NBA.

Livingston is a talented player, but he is still very young and inexperienced. He is likely to need some time to develop before he can become a starting-caliber point guard. However, if he can continue to improve, he could become a valuable backup point forward type of player for the Bucks.

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