1 Dream, 1 realistic, and 1 floor comparison for Bucks’ Drew Timme

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Floor scenario for Milwaukee Bucks’ Drew Timme – Score-first backup big man

While traditional big men with no floor-spacing ability are still a rarity in the NBA, they can still find success if they have other strengths that make up for their lack of shooting. For example, a big man who is an elite rebounder or shot blocker can still be a valuable player even if they can’t shoot threes.

As the game continues to evolve, it is likely that traditional big men with no floor-spacing ability will become even rarer. Teams are simply too focused on spacing the floor to give minutes to big men who can’t shoot threes, which also means that opportunities for Timme might grow increasingly limited the more the association settles into its 3-point revolution.

At his floor, Timme is still a very talented post scorer who’s able to use his size and skill to carve out space for himself to get off shots at the rim. Highlight clips paint a picture of a fundamental low-post scorer with a litany of post moves and hook shots to score against practically any defense you throw at him. Think very Brook Lopez without the floor-spacing and rim protection for this scenario — which is certainly not the worst outcome in the world for someone you snagged outside of the NBA Draft.

In this scenario, Timme plays himself into a 12th to 15th-man role in the league and is put on the floor to provide some scoring punch and slow the pace of the game down. Because of his deficiencies, he’s still a developmental prospect more than anything else, but the signs are more than promising. Think Sandro Mamukelashvili without the playmaking and floor spacing.

There are a number of skills Drew will have to work on before he can take a leap out of this “floor” scenario. For instance, Timme is a good shooter from midrange, but he needs to improve his 3-point shooting to be a more complete offensive player in the NBA. The Bucks have a number of good shooters who could help Timme develop his three-point shot.

He’s also a generally solid rebounder, interior defender, and shot blocker, but he needs to improve his lateral quickness and footwork to be a more effective defender on the perimeter. The Bucks have a number of good defenders who could help Timme improve his defense.

These specific holes in his game might hinder his ability to play in different lineups. The Bucks have a number of versatile players who can play multiple positions. Timme will need to learn how to play in different lineups and be effective in a variety of roles.

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