Grading Chris Livingston’s historic rookie deal with the Milwaukee Bucks

Nov 23, 2022; Lexington, Kentucky, USA: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 23, 2022; Lexington, Kentucky, USA: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kentucky Wildcats: Chris Livingston
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Chris Livingston’s long-term outlook with the Milwaukee Bucks

Given the hefty contract, the Bucks would love it if Livingston sticks around for quite a long time.

The biggest thing Livingston will have to work on if he wants to stick is his offense, especially from behind the arc. He cannot be a non-threat on that side of the ball. The young forward must also do some work on his handles. Although he won’t be handling it as much at the next level, he’s shown a knack for turning the ball over when he does have it due to a loose handle. At 19 years old, he has a long time to develop his game, especially with a coach who prioritizes playing development in an organization that believes in him to the fullest extent.

If Livingston can improve that perimeter shot while proving to be a stout defender, one player who could be his long-term outlook is his new teammate, Jae Crowder. The Bucks traded for Crowder at the deadline last season because they needed a versatile wing who could defend scorers and shore up the team’s versatility. Livingston checks off those boxes and could be a key piece of this team for years to come if he can hone in on those aspects of his game. During his rookie season, Livingston should look to learn as much from Crowder as he can.

In short, Livingston’s long-term outlook is far from clear-cut, but he’s got the potential to be a big steal for the final pick of a draft if he ultimately does pan out.