Grading Chris Livingston’s historic rookie deal with the Milwaukee Bucks

Nov 23, 2022; Lexington, Kentucky, USA: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 23, 2022; Lexington, Kentucky, USA: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kentucky Wildcats: Chris Livingston
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The verdict on Chris Livingston’s deal and fit with the Milwaukee Bucks

At the end of the day, Chris Livingston is a solid addition to the Milwaukee Bucks roster both in the short term and the long term.

Short term, he’s a 6-foot-6 wing who could be used as an energizer in spots. His role might not be the most prominent right away, but he has the tools to make an impact when called upon. Looking at the long term, Bucks fans have been outright begging for the team to add young players for the team to develop; they’ve just done that by adding the 19-year-old. Considering just how young the forward is, there are bound to be some growing pains for Livingston, but he’s got potential.

The contract itself sounds incredibly hefty and possibly worrisome for some fans, but it’s truly just a two-year deal that could stretch to four if Livingston excels. The Bucks certainly would not mind paying for those final two years if it means the forward is making a legitimate impact on the team and their success. The biggest thing with Livingston will be patience. Milwaukee hasn’t had young talent like him in a long time, and fans should not expect him to make a monstrous impact right as next season begins, especially as the 58th pick. This is a long-term investment.

BTBP Grade: B+

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