Bucks’ MarJon Beauchamp shatters CrawsOver record with insane outing

PORTLAND, OREGON - FEBRUARY 06 (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
PORTLAND, OREGON - FEBRUARY 06 (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /

When it was announced that Milwaukee Bucks’ sophomore wing MarJon Beauchamp would be playing in the CrawsOver Pro-AM league this weekend, fans were intrigued.

Beauchamp had an inconsistent Summer League outing, and while the talent is not through the roof in this particular league, it never hurts to get extra reps. Well, not only did the young forward get a few extra reps, but he dropped an astounding 83 points in his performance, which shattered the previous career high for the league.

Bucks’ MarJon Beauchamp shatters CrawsOver record with insane outing

Many will question the talent Beauchamp was playing against – and the lack of defense that was being played as he inched closer to the record – but no matter how one spins it, this is impressive. The 22-year-old now holds the record for most points scored in a CrawsOver game, and he likely will hang onto that title for quite some time.

The biggest thing a performance like this could do for Beauchamp is give him some confidence in his game. Players don’t drop 83 points every day, even in games like this one. Beauchamp getting more confidence in himself is the best thing that could happen for the wing as he braces for what is shaping up to be an exciting sophomore season with the Milwaukee Bucks.

The 22-year-old wing is expected to take on a much larger role with the Bucks this coming season than he did during his rookie year in 2022-23. He showed glimpses of improvement throughout a four-game Summer League outing, and he certainly put some on display in this 83-point outing. However, the key is showcasing it at the NBA level, which he will undeniably get the chance to do.

Consistently scoring the basketball and taking good shots will be Beauchamp’s top obstacles next season and beyond. In his limited role last season, he had a difficult time getting into a groove on the offensive end at times, sometimes due to the shots he took. He won’t be scoring 83 points in a game, in all likelihood, but somewhere around double digits nightly could help in a major way.

Keep an eye on MarJon Beauchamp moving forward as next season inches closer.

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