Grading Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s compelling new deal with the Bucks

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - FEBRUARY 24 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - FEBRUARY 24 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Thanasis Antetokounmpo, MarJon Beauchamp
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – MARCH 01 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /

Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s long-term outlook with the Milwaukee Bucks

The long-term outlook with this signing is intriguing. At 31 years old and not playing often, this deal may see Thanasis not return following this new one-year deal. It is clear that teams think they can prize Giannis away from the Bucks and that Thanasis can be a tool to do that. However, we don’t know if that is 100 percent the case, and the front office may genuinely see value in him being part of the locker room.

Following on from this season, we may see that Thanasis stays around the team even if he is not part of the official roster. If the front office feels there is a way to keep all parties involved happy then they will do it regardless. Some have offered up the idea of him potentially becoming an assistant coach, but that’s just one idea.

For this coming season, Thansis will take up the same role as he has in the previous four seasons in Milwaukee. He is always an integral part of the bench mob and keeps spirits high in the locker room. After this season, we will have to see what the front office decides to do with him.