3 Milwaukee Bucks who are currently expendable in trade offers

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - DECEMBER 19 (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - DECEMBER 19 (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /
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The Milwaukee Bucks have yet to have had too eventful of an offseason. Outside of the additions of Malik Beasley and Robin Lopez in free agency to accompany a couple of corresponding departures, the team has remained about the same this offseason.

Currently, the team seems content with who they have and wants to continue to try to win a championship with their current core. If they change their mind and decide to shock us all, these are three current Milwaukee Bucks who could be expendable in those trade packages.

Grayson Allen is expendable in trade packages for the Milwaukee Bucks

Grayson Allen would likely be the first to go if the Bucks are exploring the possibility of an off-season trade.

While Allen has done a tremendous job in both of his regular seasons in Milwaukee, the Bucks haven’t got what they’ve needed from him in the postseason. A Bucks team trying to compete for a championship can’t afford to have anybody, especially a key role player like Allen, holding them back.

Bucks fans have gone back and forth on social media about whether or not the regular season truly matters, but the team has proven that it’s not a determining factor of postseason success. Regardless of how Allen or the team performs in the regular season, where the team finishes the season in the playoffs is what will be remembered.

Simply put, Allen must be better in the playoffs to be valued more by the organization and not be viewed as an expendable trade candidate. Allen’s name has been swirling in trade rumors since last off-season, and his failure to contribute in big moments has played a massive role in that being the case.