3 Milwaukee Bucks who are currently expendable in trade offers

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Milwaukee Bucks: Bobby Portis
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Bobby Portis is expendable in trade packages for the Milwaukee Bucks

As much as Bucks fans love Bobby Portis, if we’re honest with ourselves, he’s not as valuable to the team as he is to our hearts. Like Allen, Portis has yet to give the Bucks what they’ve needed in the playoffs in the last couple of seasons. Yes, Portis was a significant factor in the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals after the team lost Giannis Antetokounmpo due to injury. Still, in the two postseasons since, he has yet to give the team the same production level.

Portis has been a great sixth man for Milwaukee. He comes in and fills up the bucket while being a spectacular hustle and energy player. Unfortunately, despite his constant effort, he doesn’t have the same defensive ability as some of his teammates.

The Bucks would be able to deal with Portis being a below-average defender in the playoffs if he gave them the same level of offensive production he had in the regular season. Sadly, that has not been the case for Portis, and he has only hurt the team in big moments since their championship run in 2021.

Portis has meant much to the Bucks organization and their fans for the past few seasons. That doesn’t make him untouchable in trade packages, however. Many teams would love to have Portis, including Milwaukee, but if the right package is on the table, Portis is very expendable.