NBA Trades: 4 rumors the Bucks should get in on, 1 they should avoid

PORTLAND, OREGON - FEBRUARY 06 (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
PORTLAND, OREGON - FEBRUARY 06 (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /
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Utah Jazz: Collin Sexton
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A trade rumor the Bucks should get in on – Collin Sexton is available

Per Yahoo Sports insider Jake Fischer, Utah Jazz guard Collin Sexton is available in trade talks. Sexton has been a hot trade target amongst the Milwaukee Bucks’ fandom this off-season, and rightfully so. If the Bucks were interested and able to pull off a trade, Sexton could be a key piece in getting back to the promised land next season.

The appeal of Sexton to this particular writer largely has to do with his fit alongside Jrue Holiday. With Sexton, a score-first guard, on the court, Holiday could primarily focus on facilitating rather than scoring while also taking on tough matchups defensively. Over the past two seasons, Jrue has struggled in the playoffs due to having to balance all of this.

Holiday would still get his points, but the Bucks wouldn’t have to be so dependent on his scoring production late in the season with another shot-creator on the court. Sexton, who has averaged 19 points per game for his career, would help beef up Milwaukee’s scoring output, which has been a key flaw of this team over the last couple of years due to a lack of complementary shot-creators.

The tricky part with Sexton is his contract, as he’s making $17.3 million this coming year, meaning the Bucks would have to trade some key pieces to match salaries. On top of that, Utah would likely be on the hunt for draft capital. It’d be a lot, but with Sexton still just 24 years old and contracted for three more seasons, it could very well be worth the gamble.