Pass or Pursue Bleacher Report’s 3 trade targets for the Milwaukee Bucks

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - MARCH 16 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - MARCH 16 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Jrue Holiday, Indiana Pacers: T.J. McConnell
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B/R’s Trade Targets for the Milwaukee Bucks – T.J. McConnell

Next up from B/R is another experienced player but this time a specialist point guard that can bring some steadiness off the bench. T.J. McConnell has spent four seasons in Indiana and prior to that spent four years in Philadelphia.

In his eight-year career, he has always been a strong bench option, bringing his playmaking and hustle into the game when he gets the call from the coach. Last season, he played 75 games, averaging 8.7 points with 5.3 assists. Those assists would be the big reason for the Bucks to look at bringing him in.

When needed, he can hit his shots, shooting 54.3 percent from the field and 44.1 from deep last season. If he isn’t providing his playmaking, then he would be a great player to help stretch the floor when Giannis drives to the basket. Across his career, he averages 1.2 steals per game so he could feature in a backcourt alongside Holiday if the Bucks decide to go small and bring the intensity defensively.

Looking at McConnell’s contract, he is making $8.7 million next season. The Pacers are in an interesting position as they are fairly young but still not far off the play-in spots so this trade could depend on how their season is going. Going well and they may keep things as they are, if it’s going badly, then the likes of McConnell and Buddy Hield could easily be moved.

BTBP Verdict: Pursue

Similar to Burks, I think the Bucks should be asking the question as to what the Pacers want for McConnell. As I mentioned, this may depend on their season and how they look around the trade deadline. In terms of the player, he is close to the perfect point guard the Bucks should be looking to bring off the bench to playmaker, and his experience will help the younger players as they are integrated into the NBA.