3 Areas the Milwaukee Bucks improved this off-season, 1 that regressed

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An area the Milwaukee Bucks improved: Versatility

One of the big reasons why the Bucks won it all in 2021 was the versatility of the roster. They had a handful of solid players who allowed for different lineup combinations. However, they’ve lacked the personnel for that type of success over the past two seasons. This off-season, they went out and got a mixture of different players with different skill sets who could help in certain scenarios.

First and foremost, they’re more versatile defensively. As highlighted previously, both Jackson and Livingston can be big-wing defenders. Their 6-foot-6 stature would allow them to play and defend a multitude of positions. Their athleticism and fresh legs will also be huge, as that’s something the team has lacked in recent memory, as mentioned.

Andre Jackson Jr. could also make for some interesting lineup combinations due to his ability to be a point forward. Rather than potentially rolling out an undersized backup point guard who would get targeted defensively, Jackson could play the role of a 6-foot-6 wing who is a stout defender. Again, he has the potential to be a major piece for the Bucks, and versatility is a big reason why.

In his second year with the team, Jae Crowder should also be better. Last season, he was coming off of not playing all season and then dealt with an injury. Knowing where he will play this season, Crowder should play more like the player the Bucks hoped they were getting last year. When they want to go to their small lineups, Crowder could be the perfect small-ball power forward.

Malik Beasley could also bring some more offensive firepower. When the Bucks go small, he may be a useful piece due to his excellent outside shooting, which would aid Giannis Antetokounmpo. He’s not the greatest defender, but he’s another wing – though not 6-foot-6 – who brings a huge boost to the mix in a certain regard. In this case, it’s more perimeter shooting.

Adrian Griffin will have plenty of options when mapping out his lineup combinations when facing different situations on a nightly basis.