3 Milwaukee Bucks who could see more time than fans expect in 2023-24

Nov 15, 2021; Stanford, California, USA: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 15, 2021; Stanford, California, USA: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports /
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UConn Huskies: Donovan Clingan, Andre Jackson Jr.
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No. 3 – Andre Jackson Jr.

Out of all of the rookies and new young players on Milwaukee’s roster, Andre Jackson Jr. has the most potential of them all to see a prominent role. The Bucks are clearly high on what Jackson can bring to the table, having traded up to select him in the 2023 NBA Draft. Seeing what he did at the collegiate level, it’s justifiable to see why the Milwaukee Bucks were so interested in him.

Jackson can help the Bucks in a lot of different ways. Above all else, he’s a 6-foot-6 wing who can play tough defense. He’s extremely versatile and switchable. On top of that, Jackson can play the point forward role, which he excelled at in college. He’s unquestionably capable of handling the ball and making plays for his teammates in a backup role.

The biggest area Jackson will have to work on to become a more well-rounded NBA player will be his perimeter shooting, as it’s among his weakest points. Yet, he could still see a nice role early on due to the defense, versatility, and ball-handling capabilities he brings to the table. If Jackson can develop that 3-point shot even a little, he could quickly become a huge piece for Milwaukee.

All in all, the Bucks have an assortment of young players who could play larger roles than fans are expecting in 2023-24, and it’s an exciting feeling.

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