The 3 most underpaid Milwaukee Bucks for 2023-24 NBA season

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Milwaukee Bucks: Jae Crowder
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Most underpaid Milwaukee Bucks: No. 2 – Jae Crowder

Many fans were surprised when Jae Crowder re-signed with the Bucks on a one-year deal worth $3.2 million this past off-season. Not only did it seem like the forward would go elsewhere, but it also seemed like he would command much more on the open market. Instead, he’s back with the Milwaukee Bucks on an insanely team-friendly deal.

Listen, Crowder wasn’t too good with the Bucks last season. After coming over at the deadline via trade, he struggled to regain his footing after missing all of the season before that. Yet, even then, this is a great deal, as Crowder should be better next season. Rather than sitting out for most of the year, Crowder will begin the year with the Bucks and aim to find his footing right away.

Looking at the current state of the wing market across the NBA, the deal the Bucks gave Crowder is a steal. LA Clippers forward Robert Covington will make $11.7 million next season. P.J. Tucker of the Philadelphia 76ers will make $11 million. These 3-and-D wings do not come cheap, but there is a very experienced one in Milwaukee on a veteran minimum deal, which is a massive steal.

Crowder is on the ultimate prove-it deal. If he plays well, he’ll have the opportunity to cash out on a much more lucrative deal next off-season. The Bucks will likely give him a key role from the jump next season, giving the forward a platform to showcase his skills. If all goes well, he will be the big wing defender they have longed for over the past few years.

If Jae Crowder can indeed bounce back, this could end up being one of Jon Horst’s best free agent signings in recent memory.