Milwaukee Bucks 2023-24 Player Profile: Can Jae Crowder bounce back?

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - FEBRUARY 24 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - FEBRUARY 24 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /

From the time he requested a trade from the Phoenix Suns to when he walked off the court to end the season with the Milwaukee Bucks, everything was out of sorts for Jae Crowder last year.

Likely understanding that his performance last season would not earn him a new lucrative deal in NBA Free Agency, Crowder returned to the Bucks on a new one-year deal. The forward will now aim to bounce back for the Bucks and be much better than he was last season.

Age: 33 (Birthday is July 6)

Position: Forward

2023-24 Salary: $3.2 million

NBA Experience: 11 years

Milwaukee Bucks 2023-24 Player Profile: Can Jae Crowder bounce back?

Crowder can bounce back, of course. Last year was odd, as he chose to sit out for a good chunk of the season due to a trade demand from the Phoenix Suns. After landing in Milwaukee at the trade deadline, he never really found his footing, which hindered his chances of playing a key role.

Actually starting the season with the Bucks and not sitting out for several consecutive months, Crowder’s chances of making an impact are much greater. Not only should his body be in better shape, but Crowder should also have more chemistry with his teammates.

When he’s inserted into the game, Crowder will be asked to provide tough defense against wings while also letting it fly from three. Due to his NBA experience, it would not be surprising if he was the go-to wing defender for first-year Head Coach Adrian Griffin.

Barring an outright dazzling performance in training camp, Crowder will likely come off the bench to start the season. It would not be surprising to see him become the sixth or seventh man for Coach Griffin fairly quickly if he has indeed been putting in that work this off-season.

Crowder is playing on an incredibly team-friendly deal this season, making the veteran minimum. He’s worth more than that, especially in a league that relies heavily on 3-and-D wings. If Crowder returns to form, he could potentially cash out on a new deal next off-season.

In short, Crowder undoubtedly has a chance to bounce back and become a legitimate contributor for the Milwaukee Bucks this coming season.

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