3 Key attributes Damian Lillard brings to the Milwaukee Bucks after trade

PORTLAND, OREGON - FEBRUARY 06 (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
PORTLAND, OREGON - FEBRUARY 06 (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /
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3 Key attributes Damian Lillard brings to the Milwaukee Bucks: Another go-to option in the clutch

Let’s face it, the Milwaukee Bucks have struggled over the years to find a go-to option down the stretch of games. Yes, Giannis has been “that guy” at times, but the league has figured out what Giannis wants to do in the final seconds of a game. And having Middleton as the crunch-time scorer isn’t the most conducive option for a successful season. When you insert a player like Lillard, who has had countless heroic moments when he was a Blazer, you take care of that issue almost immediately. Over the years, Milwaukee has at times folded down the stretch of games and have had a hard time closing out games when taking a big lead early.

With Lillard, the Milwaukee Bucks can now have that last line of assurance knowing that if everything offensively unravels, Lillard can pick up the slack. This also takes the pressure off of Giannis and Middleton to be those down-the-stretch types of players and could allow them to preserve their energy for late-game scenarios. Lillard has displayed great poise in big-time moments, and adding that to the Milwaukee Bucks’ lineup will undoubtedly make them a major threat in crunch time. Not to mention that having Lillard on the team instead of Holiday solidifies that idea of a clutch scorer since late scoring was something Holiday struggled with at times.

The Milwaukee Bucks also have a young core of guards on the team that will without question learn from Lillard how to step up in those big moments. Opposing defenses will also have to know that they can’t relax in the final two minutes of games, as opposed to previous years where Milwaukee has shown signs of crumbling late in games. The addition of Lillard will bring an aspect that’s been missing for the Milwaukee Bucks for some time, and not only will the entire organization benefit from this move, but many players on the team will also.

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