3 Milwaukee Bucks starting lineup combinations after Damian Lillard trade

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Milwaukee Bucks: Jae Crowder
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Milwaukee Bucks Starters – Lillard, Middleton, Crowder, G. Antetokounmpo, B. Lopez

Jae Crowder will be a massive question mark this coming season. Will the Bucks get the version of Crowder they were hoping for when they traded for him last season, or will he struggle as he did throughout his brief stint in Milwaukee last season? If he can bounce back and be the former, he’ll be a massive piece for the Milwaukee Bucks in 2023-24.

With Jrue Holiday gone, the Bucks lost one of their most versatile pieces on the defensive side of the basketball. Crowder is one of the players who will likely be tasked with picking up the slack in the coming months. Throughout his career, he’s served as a versatile 3-and-D wing, and there is hope that he can play that role for Milwaukee much more effectively than he did last season.

If Crowder can indeed bounce back after last season’s shortcomings – he sat out for most of the season and dealt with injuries upon landing in Milwaukee – then he would be a tremendous fit in the starting five. He could be the big wing defender who takes on top-tier assignments nightly to take pressure off of Antetokounmpo, Middleton, and more.

Having signed a “prove-it deal” this off-season, Crowder understands that his value is low after a lackluster 2022-23. He has a tremendous opportunity to bounce back in a major way and not only help this team win but also potentially cash out on a lucrative deal next off-season. It will be quite interesting to see if Griffin gives him the starting nod due to his defensive stature.