Damian Lillard raves about young Bucks player in latest interview

Oct 2, 2023; Milwaukee, WI, USA: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 2, 2023; Milwaukee, WI, USA: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports /

Having been a member of the Milwaukee Bucks for just over a week, Damian Lillard is still getting to know his fellow players during training camp.

One player that has seemingly jumped out to him early on in his Bucks tenure is sophomore wing MarJon Beauchamp. Speaking to the media, Lillard raved about what he’s seen from Beauchamp in camp so far, highlighting how impressed he’s been with the youngster’s game.

"“He’s a big guard. You know, tall, long, athletic. He can score the ball. He’s competitive. It just kind of jumped out to me. When I watch young players, I always try to put myself in like the space of a scout, and he’s a player that if I was scouting a player, I would draft him. I would pick him just off of what I’ve seen the last couple of days. His energy on the court versus off it, I was like, ‘That’s my kind of young player.'”"

Damian Lillard raves about young Bucks player in latest interview

This should be music to the ears of Bucks fans everywhere, as it’s great to hear that Beauchamp is making an impression early on in camp.

After scarcely playing throughout his rookie year, Beauchamp is expected to take on a larger role in year two. With Milwaukee losing Jrue Holiday and Wesley Matthews, two major pieces on defense, the Bucks need other players to step up in their absence, and Beauchamp has the tools to make a big impact on that side of things.

The two biggest things that stand out about the wing are his length and athleticism. Standing at 6-foot-6, Beauchamp possesses a 7-foot wingspan, giving him the tools to pester opponents on defense constantly. His impressive athleticism, something the Bucks have largely lacked in recent years, can also help him on that end, allowing him to stick with other athletic opponents.

The biggest thing for Beauchamp in his second year will be his confidence. In year one, there were times when he was noticeably timid on the floor, mostly on offense. After going through his rookie year, he’s likely overcome that and is ready for the challenge in year two. Not to put pressure on an incredibly young player, but he could very well be this team’s X-factor this coming season.

Fans could potentially see a lot of Beauchamp and Lillard on the court together in 2023-24, as the team’s last starting spot is still up for grabs in the early going of training camp. Whether he starts or comes off of the bench, Beauchamp could undeniably be a major factor in whatever success the Bucks see in the coming months.

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