Ranking every move by the Milwaukee Bucks during 2023 NBA off-season

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Houston Rockets: TyTy Washington
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No. 11 – Signing TyTy Washington to a two-way deal

With an open two-way slot, many Milwaukee Bucks fans were asking the team to bring in a young point guard the team could develop. Indeed, they went ahead and added TyTy Washington earlier this off-season after he was traded twice and waived once. Washington will now get a fresh start in Milwaukee, which could be great for his career after an eventful off-season.

The opportunity to add Washington was a unique one for Milwaukee, considering that he was a first round pick in last year’s draft and only has one year under his belt. Players like that are not typically available on two-way deals, so this was an eye-catching move for the Bucks right from the start. On top of that, it’s incredibly low-risk, high-reward to add a first round talent.

Prior to the signing of Cameron Payne, there were some who believed that Washington could be a legitimate cog in Milwaukee’s rotation this coming season due to the lack of a backup ball-handler. That likely will not be the case now, as he’ll spend most of his time learning behind Damian Lillard and Cameron Payne while also likely spending time in the G-League.

This year will likely be all about development for Washington, but there will be an opportunity for him to start fresh and truly try to find a long-term home.