Bucks Roundtable: Reflecting on a crazy off-season and what comes next

Oct 17, 2023; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA: Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 17, 2023; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA: Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Milwaukee Bucks: A.J. Green, Chris Livingston, OKC Thunder: Ousmane Dieng
Oct 17, 2023; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA: Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports /

Hot take for the 2023-24 Milwaukee Bucks:

Sell: As I hinted at in the previous section, my hot take is that the Bucks swing a trade for a wing defender before the trade deadline. I’ll take it a step further and list three names: Royce O’Neale, Dorian Finney-Smith, or P.J. Tucker. O’Neale and Finney-Smith, both Brooklyn Nets, popped up in trade rumors last season, and it wouldn’t be surprising if their names surfaced again, as the Nets are pretty wing-heavy. Tucker is more of a stretch, but Yahoo! Sport’s Vincent Goodwill reported recently that Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey is hoping for a full rebuild at some point. If that comes this season, Tucker would likely be available, and the Bucks know that he can help a team win at the highest level. It’d be quite the reunion.

Moxon: My hot take is that the Bucks will have three, maybe even four, All-Stars. New rules about not being able to rest players as often or together means that we will see the stars play more. The Eastern side of the All-Stars has lost Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant having both gone to teams in the West. Dame is likely to take Kyrie’s spot as a starter unless someone really has a breakout season. There is every chance that with the success of the team and those two big names moving Conferences that both Middleton and Lopez can make the All-Star team. Middleton likely has more chance but Lopez can really push Bam Adebayo for the other center spot behind Joel Embiid. If the team is flying come voting time then I expect to see three Bucks players in Indiana for the All-Star Game.

Luna: There’s just something about the new-look Bucks that tells me most, if not all things will end up going their way this season. The Bucks will have the best offense in the NBA, their rookie projects are going to develop swimmingly, and their bench players are going to produce more consistently under this new regime. Bonus hot take: The Bucks will win the championship in 2023-24. The Bucks already had a good offense and defense last season, but adding Lillard gives them a whole new dimension. Lillard is one of the best scorers in the NBA, and he’ll open up the floor for Giannis and Middleton. If the Bucks’ offense can click, they’ll be tough to beat.

Ridenour: MarJon Beauchamp wins Most Improved Player. I could see him having a rapid ascension through the rotation, and if he tops 16/17 points per game this year, he could no question be in the conversation. Watch out, because I think MarJon could be a major piece to the Puzzle for the Bucks this year and moving forward.

Valind: My hot take for the Bucks this season is that they will win 65 games. For the first time in a couple of years, they’re going to have everybody healthy to open the season. Between everyone being ready to go,  the NBA’s new rules regarding rest for star players, and trading for Lillard, I believe the Bucks should be the best team on most nights and will have the best record in the NBA this season.

Moen: MarJon Beauchamp will win Most Improved. Beauchamp only saw action in 52 games last season, due to Mike Budenholzer’s reliance on playing veterans over young players. Beauchamp added 15 pounds of muscle this offseason, and he looked like he was ready to make a significant impact coming off the bench for Milwaukee. With addition of Lillard, and everyone Milwaukee added this off-season, Beauchamp will get plenty of opportunities to make an immediate contribution for Milwaukee this season.

Griffith: My hot take is that Bobby Portis will once again average a career-high in points this season.

Schickert: Giannis and Dame both average over 30 points per game.

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