Predicting minutes distribution for the 2023-24 Milwaukee Bucks

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - OCTOBER 20 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - OCTOBER 20 (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /
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Milwaukee Bucks: Jae Crowder
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Jae Crowder- He will be another key piece for Milwaukee off the bench. Crowder was often criticized for how he played with Milwaukee last season, but people forget he sat out the entire first half of the year. With his conditioning up and a full season under his belt, Crowder could really be important to this team. If Middleton can’t stay healthy, Crowder will be called upon by the staff to step up at times.

Prediction- 22.3 minutes per game

Pat Connaughton- The longtime Buck is coming off of his worst regular season with the team. Despite that, he immediately improved his shooting when the playoffs started. He can be hot and cold at times, but having yet another veteran in the rotation won’t hurt anything. Connaughton impacts the game on both ends, but he will need to step up his shooting this regular season to keep seeing a healthy dose of minutes. His per game minutes may look inflated like Crowder’s, and for the same reason.

Prediction- 20.7 minutes per game

MarJon Beauchamp- He is one of the young and exciting players on this team and will certainly see an extended role under Coach Griffin. He has the potential to be very impactful and fitting for the Bucks down the road, but he is still getting his feet wet in terms of the NBA. Beauchamp will be called upon mainly for his defense and a good amount too. The hope is that he will be ready to perform in the playoffs by the end of the year.

Prediction- 15.8 minutes per game

Cameron Payne- The Bucks ended their offseason by signing Payne to a one-year contract. I personally am not a fan of Payne’s game or fit with the team, but there is no denying Payne can get hot at times. He is the only true point guard on this Milwaukee bench, and for that reason, he should see decent time.

Prediction- 12.1 minutes per game

Andre Jackson Jr.- The rookie wing could end up being a piece for the Milwaukee Bucks down the road. Jackson is ultra-athletic and very capable defensively, and I believe Jackson will be a rotation player at some point this season, but definitely not the start.

Prediction- 9.4 minutes per game

Robin Lopez- Lopez is already well into the ladder half of his career, and it has been a while since he brought a lot of impact when he is on the court. This signing is purely a depth one, and depending on certain factors like foul trouble, you could see Robin out there.

Prediction- 4.9 minutes per game

A.J. Green- The second-year man out of Northern Iowa has shooting skills that not a lot of people possess. There are questions about Green’s defense and how it may hold him back from playing, but I can assure you the Bucks are going to need Green’s shooting in certain situations, with Sunday’s loss to Atlanta being a perfect example.

Prediction- 6.7 minutes per game