Why rookie Andre Jackson Jr. should be in the Milwaukee Bucks’ rotation

Nov 1, 2023; Toronto, Ontario, CAN: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 1, 2023; Toronto, Ontario, CAN: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports /

The Milwaukee Bucks are 5-2 after their first seven games this season.

Milwaukee has struggled on both ends for periods of time to start the year, but the fact that they are 5-2 while playing the way they are is something for each and every Bucks fan to be optimistic about. The beauty of a long regular season is that there is plenty of opportunity regarding trial and error, whether that falls within the rotation itself or the game plan.

Since being drafted, I have been very high on Andre Jackson Jr, the rookie out of UConn. When he is on the floor, it’s easy to see that he is an extremely explosive athlete; that’s just one of the reasons Jackson Jr. should be seeing time in the Milwaukee Bucks’ rotation. Some young guys on this team can impact the game more than people realize.

Why the Bucks need to play Andre Jackson Jr.

Andre Jackson Jr. has appeared in three of the seven contests the Milwaukee Bucks have played in this season. When he plays, he averages 5.7 minutes per game. This is a number that needs to be increased over time, considering what Jackson Jr. brings to the table.

The young wing out of UConn possesses incredible athletic ability. His long strides mixed with the quickness and speed he has at his size is a combination that offers a lot of potential, he also has a great nose for the ball defensively. Jackson Jr. needs work offensively, but that usually comes with experience for most guys, which makes it all the more important for Milwaukee to find a role for him right off the bat.

The Milwaukee Bucks have struggled to slow down their opponents in the first seven games, and it is looking like they need another player to step up into a defensive role eventually. Jackson is perfect for this role. MarJon Beauchamp is another young guy that can occupy a role like this. Having both of them in the rotation could bring that defensive upgrade the Bucks need.

The NBA is at an all-time high in talent right now; that is just undeniable. Every season, there seem to be so many players coming into the league that can make an impact right away. These are all things Milwaukee should be noticing.

The average age of this team is one of the oldest in the league. Just watching the games, you can notice the Bucks need energy and youth at times, and the way that Jackson can fly around the court on both ends complements this team and addresses a need for them.

The energy Jackson Jr. plays with is usually the first thing that people notice when they watch him play. Andre played his college ball at UConn, and he was able to secure a National Championship with them last season. Jackson Jr. was the glue guy for that team and was a huge reason they were able to bring home the title.

The overall leadership and presence Jackson Jr. had during that run impressed me, especially for a player who averaged six points per game. That goes to show you Jackson impacts the game without being a huge scoring presence. His will on the defensive end and playmaking on the offensive end are great complements to each other.

The minutes the Bucks need from Jackson Jr. are ones where he shows off that energizer bunny energy that he has. His offense may not be the most pretty at times, but like I said, trial and error is the only way to improve that.

Another skill of Jackson Jr’s to note is his leaping ability. He had one of the highest leaps in the NBA Combine before being drafted. Not only does Jackson have great vertical leaping ability, but he can also explode off the ground and leap from long distances. The bottom line is that Jackson Jr. can jump out of the gym.

He has athletic tools that can’t be taught, which makes it important for Milwaukee to let this kid learn and grow this year. In addition, he has also demonstrated a good feel for the game as well. He knows where to be and when to be there, and his passing ability is very underrated. Experience and learning how to be comfortable on an NBA court will do wonders for him. Once Jackson is able to get used to the pace of an NBA game, I have a feeling he will be able to show off what he can do as an athlete and player.

The Bucks traded up to pick Andre Jackson Jr. with the 36th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, and he could be a piece that can help Milwaukee. Like I said before, you can’t teach his will and energy, and that is something the Milwaukee Bucks clearly need at times. Hopefully Jackson Jr. is able to get more reps in the near future so he can show what he can do out there.

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