4 2024 NBA Draft prospects the Milwaukee Bucks must avoid at all costs

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The Milwaukee Bucks are in a unique position in the 2024 NBA Draft. With picks at 23 and 33, they can't afford to gamble on projects, especially not after how they went out the past two playoffs.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damian Lillard, and Khris Middleton are still on the team for the foreseeable future, and the Bucks should remain a force. Yet, the supporting cast needs reinforcement.

The 2024 Draft offers intriguing possibilities, but with their recent draft history being what it is, the Bucks navigate a bit of a delicate path. Trading draft capital for experienced veterans hasn't worked in years past, but selecting the wrong prospect could disrupt their chemistry and stall their pursuit of sustained dominance.

Much has been said about who the Bucks should take a chance on, but there are also some prospects they should likely avoid, given their needs and overall construction at the moment. Here are a few draft prospects to stay away from.

No. 4 - Bronny James, USC

While Bronny is a highly touted prospect - you have to be one with that last name - questions (too many of them) remain regarding his NBA readiness as his game currently stands. He's no doubt a talented high school player, but the leap to the professional level is significant. Like most players entering this level of basketball, his development looks like it will take some time.

At the time of the draft, the Bucks might need a more immediate contributor who can seamlessly integrate into their championship-caliber roster.

Mind you, that's not to say there's no way he could help out if Milwaukee brings James in. The Bucks thrive on a specific system – strong defense, Giannis Antetokounmpo's dominance and efficient role players. Bronny shows the most promise defensively; he has a stout frame to handle most guards, while his strength and lateral quickness are generally above average.

Yet, his size and offensive skill set might not be the perfect fit, considering the Bucks are already trotting out another short guard in Damian Lillard. Bronny is also not yet (and possibly will never be) a lights-out shooter, which could limit spacing for Giannis' drives.

And as with anyone associated with LeBron James, drafting Bronny, his son, would also undoubtedly bring a media circus to Milwaukee. The pressure to succeed would be immense, potentially overshadowing his development and impacting team chemistry. The Bucks might prefer to avoid this media storm and prioritize a player who thrives under less intense scrutiny.

The Bucks are in a win-now window with Giannis in his prime. Drafting Bronny might require significant development time. While he could still very much blossom into something resembling a serviceable NBA player, the Bucks might be better served with a more polished prospect who can contribute immediately.

The bottom line is that Bronny James definitely could have the potential to be something in this league, depending on how you spin it. However, for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 Draft, the focus should be on finding a player who can contribute to their championship aspirations right away.

Bronny's development might be better served elsewhere, and the Bucks might be better off prioritizing a player who fits their immediate needs.