3 2024 NBA Draft prospects who could help the Milwaukee Bucks at point guard

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Ajay Mitchell, UC Santa Barbara

Another experienced college player in Ajay Mitchell could be a point guard available for Milwaukee in the second round. He is a 6-foot-5 combo guard, and the 22-year-old's skillset is NBA-ready.

In the 2023-24 season at UC Santa Barbara, he averaged 20 points, four rebounds and four assists on splits of .504/.393/.858. At his size, he is a great finisher at the rim and allows for a great threat with a guard with such physicality. The ability to play at both positions in the backcourt could be of use for the Bucks to partner with Lillard and have a bigger guard to work alongside him.

Being a near 40 percent shooter from deep is another great asset of his and is another area the Bucks' bench needs to improve in. Mitchell's shot creation off the dribble is another great part of his game and should translate to the NBA, with the aid of his size allowing him to tower over other guards.

Kevin O'Connor says, "playmaking may actually be his best skill," and if he were to come off the bench, he could form a nice two-man game with Bobby Portis but also find shooters like A.J. Green to give the Bucks the bench production they need. Defensively, he is sound and shows great on-ball effort, with him averaging 1.2 steals per game in college.

One of the questions regarding Mitchell does come with his deep shots, as he shot less than 33 percent in his first two seasons of college. Debating whether in his 2023-24 season he stepped up his shot or if it was a fluke is valid. He is also not the quickest of guards in the draft, but his physicality gives him so much upside and compensates when driving to the rim.

Similar to Sears, Mitchell could be there in the second round for the Bucks to go after. The two guards have very different styles, skill sets and physical attributes. It would be difficult to decide between the two, but either would be a great pick, and their experience brings them in at a good level to learn from Lillard.

What the Bucks do in the draft will be interesting, as there are a couple of areas they will look to address. Lillard is, of course, set in the backcourt, but with Beverley and Beasley both free agents, they will likely look to add a backup point guard to the roster.

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