5 2024 NBA Draft prospects who could help the Milwaukee Bucks at power forward

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Izan Almansa - NBA G-League Ignite

If it hasn't already been clear previously, this latest draft class should be more proof: gone are the days of the traditional back-to-the-basket power forward. Izan Almansa out of the NBA G-League Ignite is one example of what the league now expects from its big men, as he embodies the modern NBA frontcourt anchor. Standing at 6-foot-10 with a strong frame, he possesses the size and athleticism to play both power forward and center. But his skill set goes beyond physical tools.

Possibly the most important thing for a big these days: Almansa stretches the floor with a developing 3-point shot. As we've seen with both Portis and Lopez, this opens driving lanes for Giannis and creates spacing nightmares for opposing defenses, especially ones that like to drop on the pick-and-roll. His ability to knock down open shots complements Giannis' drive-and-kick game perfectly.

And yet Almansa isn't just a scorer; he's a facilitator. With a high basketball IQ and impressive passing skills for his size, he can operate out of the high post, finding open shooters and creating scoring opportunities for teammates. This unselfish style complements Giannis' dominance in the paint.

The Bucks' championship run highlighted the importance of switchable defenders. Almansa's mobility allows him to guard multiple positions – a necessity in today's NBA. He can contain smaller forwards on the perimeter and has the size and strength to battle bigger opponents in the post.

At 18 years old, Almansa is still a raw prospect with room for significant growth. The Bucks' coaching staff can refine his skills, turning him into a well-rounded offensive weapon and a lockdown defender. This developmental potential ensures his value aligns with Giannis' prime window.

While Almansa might not be a top scorer, his hustle, energy and winning mentality are invaluable assets. He understands his role and contributes on both ends without demanding the spotlight – a perfect fit alongside Giannis' alpha presence.

Some mocks project he gets snagged at around the 18th pick range, but if he somehow slips down to the 23rd pick, it would be a mistake for the Bucks not to pick him up, considering their many needs.