5 2024 NBA Draft prospects who could help the Milwaukee Bucks at power forward

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Adem Bona - UCLA

At 6-foot-10 with a powerful build and a 7-foot-3 wingspan, Adem Bona possesses the All-World motor and tools to be a rim-protecting nightmare. Simultaneously a well-built physical specimen and a gracefully fluid athlete, he has a knack for contesting shots, altering passing angles, and deterring drives at the rim. It's not difficult to imagine how this presence in the paint complements Giannis' defensive dominance, creating a suffocating interior defense for the Milwaukee Bucks.

While Bona excels as a rim protector, his mobility is underrated. He can switch onto smaller forwards on the perimeter, a crucial skill set in today's NBA. This allows the Bucks to switch freely on screens without defensive mismatches.

Bona plays with a relentless motor. He hustles on every possession, battling for rebounds and contesting every shot. This relentless energy fits perfectly with the Bucks' defensive culture, further solidifying their identity as a defensive juggernaut.

Bona isn't a polished scorer yet, but his offensive repertoire shows promise. He has a developing mid-range shot and can finish strong at the rim. The Bucks could develop his offensive skills, turning him into a more well-rounded threat.

As it stands, though, most of his scoring output comes from inside the lane, and it would be foolish to expect anything beyond that right off the bat. The lack of an outside shot is what it is, and it will take time for him to patch up this hole in this game.

Because of his spacing deficiencies, Bona naturally isn't a high-usage offensive player, but his skill set complements Giannis and Khris Middleton to a tee. He understands his role and focuses on defense and rebounds effectively. This would allow Milwaukee's Big 3 to shine while Bona provides the defensive muscle that holds everything together.

At 21, Bona is a project with immense potential. The Bucks' championship core gives them the luxury to develop him. In a few years, Bona could blossom into a lockdown defender and reliable rebounder, solidifying the Milwaukee Bucks' frontcourt for the long haul.

Adem Bona might not be a top scorer, but his defensive potential, mobility and relentless energy make him a perfect fit for the Bucks. He could be the defensive anchor they crave, allowing Giannis to focus on terrorizing offenses on the other end. With Bona patrolling the paint, the Bucks' championship window could remain open for years to come.