5 2024 NBA Draft prospects who could help the Milwaukee Bucks at power forward

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Keshad Johnson - Arizona

Like the aforementioned prospects, Keshad Johnson, a graduate senior out of Arizona, could be the missing piece for the Bucks. He's been called one of the most underrated prospects in this upcoming draft by many - and for good reason.

Johnson's calling card is defense. At 6-foot-7 with a strong frame and good lateral quickness, he can guard multiple positions, which the past few years have proven to be a necessity in today's NBA. He showcases excellent on-ball defense, shutting down drives from guards and even bigger forwards. This allows the Milwaukee Bucks to switch freely on screens, minimizing defensive mismatches.

Johnson's defensive impact extends beyond on-ball prowess. He's an active off-ball defender who rotates effectively, tags rollers and helps at the nail. He boasts impressive instincts and anticipation skills, disrupting passing lanes and deterring opposing offenses. This off-ball awareness complements Giannis' dominance as a primary defender.

It also doesn't hurt that he is a natural rebounder with a knack for boxing out and securing contested boards. This tenacity on the glass helps alleviate pressure from Giannis Antetokounmpo and would create additional scoring opportunities for the Milwaukee Bucks in transition.

While defense is Johnson's strength, he has shown flashes of offensive potential. He's developing a reliable catch-and-shoot 3-point shot, which would open the floor for Giannis' drives. He also demonstrates solid court awareness, making smart cuts and finding open lanes for scoring opportunities. The Bucks could develop his offensive skills, turning him into a more well-rounded threat.

Johnson isn't a high-volume scorer, but his skill set complements the existing core. He understands his role, focuses on defense and rebounding and contributes without demanding the spotlight. This would allow Milwaukee's stars to shine offensively while Johnson, much like players such as Pat Connaughton, Wesley Matthews and P.J. Tucker have done in years past, provide the defensive glue that holds everything together.

Keshad Johnson might not be a flashy scorer, but his defensive versatility, rebounding prowess and developing offensive skill set make him a perfect fit as a walking embodiment of the emerging stretch four archetype around the association.

He could be the do-it-all player who elevates the team's overall performance without demanding the spotlight. If the Bucks land him with their late first-round pick, Johnson could be a steal that helps them maintain their championship dominance.