Creating a rumored 2024 NBA Trade Deadline targets tier list for the Milwaukee Bucks

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Tier 3 - Asking Price Too High

A lot of players in this tier would be good additions, but the asking prices for the players may be too high. It makes it difficult for the Bucks to make a move with their lack of assets.

The first player here is Memphis Grizzlies guard Marcus Smart. He would be a perfect addition for the Bucks and would fit in nicely in the backcourt alongside Damian Lillard. His current contract has him earning $18.8 million and then $20 million and $21.5 million in the next two seasons. One downside is the Grizzlies have already shut down trade talks surrounding him.

Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray got his own breaking news tweet from Chris Haynes when the Bucks were rumored to be showing an interest in the guard. Again, he would be a great addition to have alongside Lillard, but the roster would financially become a slight problem when his extension kicks in next season, where he earns $24.8 million before rising to the $30 million mark in 2027-28. Other interested teams would also be able to offer more, and sadly for the Bucks, they would have serious depth issues should they try to acquire him.

Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso is a dream player for the Bucks to acquire, but Chicago has already asked for multiple first-round picks for him. This makes him basically unattainable for the Bucks if the Bulls refuse to budge on this asking price.

The final player in this tier is another Hawk, and that's De'Andre Hunter, linked by Sam Amico. Again, this is a player who would fit the team perfectly and provide great defense at the wing position. He is currently earning $20 million and is contracted through the 2026-27 season. Atlanta hasn't set an asking price yet, but he was a part of trade talks in the offseason with the Pistons and Pacers, but nothing materialized. I think the price the Bucks would have to give up likely isn't worth it compared to others in the higher tiers.

All these players would be great additions but both the contracts and teams asking for first-round picks make it very difficult for the Bucks to be able to make a move here.