Creating a rumored 2024 NBA Trade Deadline targets tier list for the Milwaukee Bucks

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4. Must Avoid

To round it off, the final tier is those players that the Bucks must avoid.

The first name here is Grant Williams of the Dallas Mavericks. He was always impressive for the Boston Celtics against the Bucks, and there have been rumors of talks being held over a deal involving Williams for Portis. Where I stay away is he just signed a four-year deal and has shown no improvement since moving to Texas. In fact, his field goal percentage and 3-point percentage have both dropped. He is not as good defensively, and I think the resounding answer from Bucks fans is not to make this move.

The final name on the tier list may be an unpopular one, as he did a lot for the Bucks, and that is P.J. Tucker. He was integral to the 2021 championship, but here is why I think the Bucks should avoid him this trade deadline. He has only played in 15 games this season for the Sixers and Clippers, averaging 1.3 points. He is earning $11 million this year and has a player option next year when he will turn 39.

He will bring a great mentality, as shown in 2021, but considering two players are likely to be given up for someone who is not playing, it feels like the Bucks should stay away. Forever have love for Tucker and his role on the Bucks, but as of right now, I don't think it's the right move.

There we have it. It's a tough tier list to make with the desired asking price for players, but ultimately, so many of the named targets would be brilliant fits for the Bucks. Let us know who you would move and who your favorite targets are.

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