3 Free agents who should be on Bucks' summer wish list

These five players should be on Milwaukee's radar in the coming offseason.

Kelly Oubre, Lonnie Walker IV
Kelly Oubre, Lonnie Walker IV / Mike Lawrie/GettyImages
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2. Kelly Oubre

Players around the NBA gain a certain reputation after being in the league for a while. When it comes to Kelly Oubre, he quickly cemented himself as a high-level athlete and an elite role player in the early part of his tenure in the association.

Drafted just outside the lottery by the Washington Wizards in 2015, Oubre made his presence felt with his high leaping and knockdown outside shot right away. After three seasons in the US capitol, he was traded to the Phoenix Suns where he would continue to help an up-and-coming team.

Kelly would later go join Stephen Curry and the Warriors before spending two seasons in Charlotte, ultimately ending up in Philadelphia where he remains today. Once again, just because a player has not stuck in any one place for a long period of time does not mean he has not been a valuable contributor in all those places.

Never afraid to take a big shot or pull up from the logo for a heat check three, Oubre becomes a fan favorite nearly everywhere he goes with his unmatched confidence. He would be an excellent addition to what is an already stacked group of veterans in Milwaukee.