3 Free agents who should be on Bucks' summer wish list

These five players should be on Milwaukee's radar in the coming offseason.

Kelly Oubre, Lonnie Walker IV
Kelly Oubre, Lonnie Walker IV / Mike Lawrie/GettyImages
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3. Lonnie Walker IV

Many have this belief that the NBA today is predicated purely on athleticism. It is true that players today are incredibly athletic and possess a lot of natural ability to do impressive things on the basketball court, but players can of course not get by on athleticism alone.

Players like Lonnie Walker IV certainly make superhuman-looking athleticism look normal to the outsider or casual basketball fan. But what someone like him does is not normal. Walker is a high-flyer with dunk-contest level hops and elite body control.

Beginning his career with the Spurs in 2018, Lonnie did not get much playing time as he sat behind veterans like DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge. But as San Antonio went from a playoff team to a lottery squad, they began to give their younger player like Walker more opportunity. As they did, Lonnie began rounding into form.

From there, he found a new opportunity with the Lakers. His signature moment with Los Angeles came less than a year ago, when he dropped 15 points in the fourth quarter of a massive second round playoff game against the Warriors to help the Lakers advance.

He may not be a starting-level player in this league, but Walker has proven he has what it takes to impact the game in a meaningful way. Adding him to this Bucks team would be a welcome injection of youth into an older roster.

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