3 problems the Bucks must fix to win 2024 NBA title

Milwaukee must fix these three problems if they are to win a championship this season.
Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks
Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks / Kelsey Grant/GettyImages
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Offensive rebounding

Another crucial component to a deep playoff run is strong rebounding. As of right now, the Bucks are not a bad rebounding team as a whole. They rank ninth in the association in total rebounds per game, securing 52.3 per night. They employ several strong rebounders on the interior in Giannis, Bobby Portis and Brook Lopez.

But while they rank in the top ten for overall rebounds, they struggle in the department of offensive rebounding. Milwaukee logs just 9.5 offensive rebounds per game as a team, good for 24th-best in the NBA. This is somewhat shocking given their personnel, and something they can absolutely improve.

The Bucks' offensive rebounding is extremely fixable simply for the fact that they are already such a capable defensive rebounding team, ranking third in the league in that category. It is not like they lack physicality or ability to block out well, as we can see how successful they are at the defensive end.

Milwaukee is blocking out and securing rebounds against the same players at one end of the floor that they are at the other, so they simply need to scheme more effectively to where they can clean up their efforts at the offensive end. When they do, their rebounding will become an indomitable strength.