4 Contracts Bucks must shed during the offseason

Milwaukee should look to move off these hefty contracts this summer.

Bobby Portis, Milwaukee Bucks
Bobby Portis, Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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Bobby Portis

When looking at the Bucks' roster, there is one trend that is plain to see: they are astonishingly old. Heading into the season, Milwaukee had the oldest roster in the association in terms of average age. The Bucks' average age entering 2023-24 was 28.21 years old.

That is a considerable number for a league that continues to get younger and younger. In their quest to shed heavy contracts this offseason, the Bucks can not simply replace heavily-paid older players with lesser-paid older players. They should also seek to get younger where possible. One player they can offload in doing that is Bobby Portis.

While not the oldest or highest-paid player in Milwaukee, Portis represents someone whose production could likely be replaced by a younger player for less money. He is currently earning $11.7 million for the 2023-24 season, with a salary increase to $13.4 million coming by 2025-26. By then, Bobby will be 30 years old.

As the years roll on, the Bucks will want to have players around Giannis that are younger than him rather than roughly the same age. Veteran experience is necessary, but being proactive in retooling can help a front office avoid being stuck with players that become more difficult to trade down the road.