4 former Bucks who would’ve turned Milwaukee into title favorites

These former players would have made Milwaukee instant favorites to take home a championship in 2024.

Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks
Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks / John Fisher/GettyImages
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Gary Payton II

This one is a bit more of a throwback, but Gary Payton II would be an excellent fit on Milwaukee's current roster. Originally signing with the Bucks in April 2017, Payton began his career in the G League after going undrafted in the 2016 NBA Draft.

When he became a Buck seven years ago, Gary played just 18 games with the franchise between that season and next. His accomplishments in Milwaukee were mostly minimal, so it is not likely many Bucks fans have memories of him that stand out or left a particularly lasting impression. However, it is what he has done since leaving the franchise that would make him a good fit on the roster now.

As we know, Payton is the son of NBA legend Gary Payton, who terrorized all-world offensive talents all throughout the 90s and 2000s with his stellar defense. His son has ended up doing the same over the course of his career, culminating in making big contributions toward winning an NBA championship with the Warriors in 2021-22.

While never an All-NBA or All-Star honoree and not even known as an above average three-point shooter, Payton's tenacious defense and intangibles make him a championship-level role player.