9 People who turned their backs on the Milwaukee Bucks

David Jones talks to Gary Payton
David Jones talks to Gary Payton / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages
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7. Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings was a talented young guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, who was able to score at will on offense and capable of playing good defense. It's why the Bucks made him a top-ten draft pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Jennings scored 55 points in just his fifth game, making the Bucks feel even better about having their point guard of the future. Jennings improved statistically in each of his first three seasons on offense, as he averaged 15.5 points as a rookie, 16.2 points as a sophomore, and 19.1 points in his third year.

His fourth year was a career year of sorts upto that point, as he averaged 17.5 points on a career-best 37.5 percent from three, while also averaging 6.5 assists. And he was still only 23-years-old.

But he was tired of being in Milwaukee, as he reportedly wanted to play for a larger market team. Which is the ultimate burn for a Bucks fan.

Especially for someone they used a lottery pick on.

The Bucks ultimately salvaged the situation, landing Brandon Knight and Khris Middleton from the Detroit Pistons, in exchange for Jennings.