9 People who turned their backs on the Milwaukee Bucks

David Jones talks to Gary Payton
David Jones talks to Gary Payton / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages
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1. Gary Payton

Gary Payton was acquired by the Bucks midway through the 2002-03 season and played 28 games with the team. The Bucks were hoping to cash in on Payton's final year, in an attempt to retain him in free agency.

Not to mention trying to load up for the playoffs.

They accomplished one of those goals, as they did make the postseason but were eliminated by the New Jersey Nets in the opening round of the postseason. 

However, they were not able to extend Payton, as he had his sights on bigger and better, despite averaging 19.6 points and 7.4 assists in the Cream City. This meant they were going to be without both Ray Allen and Payton, who were both traded for each other, with nothing in return.

Payton ultimately signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, taking over $7 million less to change conferences. The Glove's best chance at a pay day was staying in Milwaukee, since they held his Bird's Rights.

None of that mattered.

And what made matters worse was the statement from Payton's camp.

"Gary is looking at teams he can excel with....He won't be back, no."

Not even an ounce of consideration for the team that just traded for him? Yeah, that's just blatant disrespect.