Analyzing Giannis Antetokounmpo's 2023-24 MVP case against other candidates

Milwaukee Bucks v Denver Nuggets
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3. Giannis vs. Luka Doncic

The final candidate for the MVP award is Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks. The Slovenian guard has once again had a great season as he is leading the Mavs to a 37-28 record but is still in and around the play-in place in the West. Doncic is averaging 34.6 points, 9.1 rebounds and 9.9 assists per game with good shooting splits of .495/.380/.788.

He had one of the best moments of the season with his 73-point performance against the Atlanta Hawks, and with the way the Mavericks play, it is hard not to have him in the MVP race. Doncic leads the league in points per game, is second in total points, and is currently third in total assists. Where his game has holes is on the defensive end, and Giannis' two-way ability will earn him a sizeable amount of votes.

Team record is a big factor in Doncic's case, as being the eighth seed and in the play-in is likely to put many voters off since he is competing with the two stars that occupy the top spots out West.

Statistically, he and Giannis are similar, but with Doncic having more of the ball in his hands and also having the offense centered around him, the scoring and assist stats will, of course, be higher. The ability to win games is always the key, and despite Luka's great performances, his team being just above .500 is always going to put voters off.

These two have faced off twice this season, with Giannis and the Bucks winning both games. The first back in November saw him put up 40 points, 15 rebounds and seven assists in the 132-125 win, with Doncic putting up 35, nine and nine. In February, the Bucks won 129-117, with Doncic scoring 40, registering 11 assists and nine rebounds. Giannis outscored him by putting up 48 with 10 assists and six boards.

Doncic has had a great personal season, and the 73-point game was astounding. However, unless the Mavs go on a serious run and end up in one of the higher seeds, it is hard to see him making a real push for the MVP.

It is one of the closer MVP races in years, with all players having reasons for them to take home the award. Ultimately, Giannis is dominating, and it will come down to these last few weeks with moments and seedings taking into account who will receive the most votes.

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