Analyzing top 5 ranked 2024 NBA Draft prospects the Milwaukee Bucks have worked out

What would each player bring to the Bucks?
Duke v Virginia
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The Milwaukee Bucks will have two picks, one in each round, in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft.

If they hang onto those picks rather than trade them and do proceed to select two new youngsters, the front office has to strike gold. No matter what positions they decide to address, the team simply cannot mess this up, given Milwaukee's title aspirations and limited avenues to improve. Thankfully, it appears they are not leaving any stone unturned in doing homework on countless draft prospects.

HoopsHype has established a workout tracker to keep track of which teams are looking into specific players as the draft nears. With all of that said, let's break down the five highest-ranked prospects the Milwaukee Bucks have worked out thus far.

*Rankings are what they were at the time of this writing and can change*

Ryan Dunn, Virginia, Ranked 24th

For a team that struggled so mightily on the defensive end this past season, it's clear why the Bucks could use a player like Ryan Dunn.

To many, he's clearly the best defender in the entire draft, which should be music to Milwaukee's ears. The Bucks could undeniably use a 6-foot-8 defender who can essentially take on any matchup on the floor and play multiple positions when called upon. He possesses the type of versatility defensively this team has lacked since P.J. Tucker walked out the door nearly three years ago.

Why Dunn is down on so many draft boards is his offensive output. This past season, he averaged a mere 8.1 points while shooting 20 percent from deep and 53.2 percent from the foul line. Many aren't sure that type of production will cut it at the next level, despite the strong defense. In this case, many don't love Dunn's fit next to Giannis Antetokounmpo due to the lack of floor spacing.

Sure, Dunn wouldn't be a seamless fit in Milwaukee, but the defensive presence he possesses might just be too good to pass up on if he's still on the board.