Analyzing top 5 ranked 2024 NBA Draft prospects the Milwaukee Bucks have worked out

What would each player bring to the Bucks?
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Kel'el Ware, Indiana, Ranked 19th

This might be the fan-favorite pick, and rightfully so. With so much chatter brewing about the future of Brook Lopez and what the Milwaukee Bucks need to do at the center position, bringing in a piece like Kel'el Ware could be a fitting resolution.

He's an incredibly intriguing prospect due to his athleticism and mobility at 7-feet tall, as he flies all over the court for rebounds or to swat shots into the stands. Of course, mobility and athleticism are two things the Milwaukee Bucks haven't had too much of at the position over the past few years with Brook Lopez and Bobby Portis manning the center spot. A dose of both could do this team good.

Whether he's replacing Lopez or playing behind him, Ware would give the Bucks an option to play a more versatile style of defense outside of the drop scheme, something The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor reports they'd like to do. He's also a quality floor spacer at his size, shooting 42.5 percent from long distance in 2023-24, which would make him a nice fit next to Giannis Antetokounmpo.

If Ware is miraculously still on the board when the Bucks are on the clock, they should swoop him up. For a team that has had question marks at the center position over the past few years and has relied on aging veterans - Serge Ibaka, Robin Lopez, Danilo Gallinari, etc. - it would be a nice change to bring in a potential-filled youngster.