Analyzing top 5 ranked 2024 NBA Draft prospects the Milwaukee Bucks have worked out

What would each player bring to the Bucks?
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Zach Edey, Purdue, Ranked 14th

Bucks fans have been talking about the possibility of welcoming Zach Edey to Milwaukee's center rotation for months now. With him ranked so high - the highest-ranked prospect the Bucks have worked out to his point - he likely will not be available when Milwaukee is up. Yet, as just mentioned, if they like him enough, a trade-up is possible.

While Ware would offer a more versatile style of defense, selecting Edey would signal the Bucks are more than fine with sticking with the drop defense. At 7-foot-4, 285-pounds, Edey is certainly not the most agile big man; he won't be switching out on the perimeter and sticking with elite wing scorers. Right at the hoop, he could be a defensive menace, but teams will look to pull him out of there.

Offensively, Edey's fit in Milwaukee would be wonky. One of the reasons why Brook Lopez has fit so well has been his outside shooting. Edey attempted just two triples in four years of college. Sure, he could look to develop a perimeter shot like Lopez did, but the odds of Edey becoming an outside shooter on the level of Brook Lopez are incredibly slim. That could pose significant problems.

With that aforementioned report from The Ringer, it feels like the Bucks will pursue players who possess more athleticism like Ware rather than those like Edey if they are looking at centers.

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