Breaking down and grading 10 trade proposals from the Milwaukee Bucks fanbase

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The 2024 NBA Trade Deadline is rapidly approaching, and with the Milwaukee Bucks currently in a massive slump, fans want to see some movement sooner rather than later.

The trade market is shaping up to be exciting, with many household names across the NBA seemingly available in some capacity. Unlike the past couple of years where there were constant rumors coming out about Milwaukee's pursuit of players like P.J. Tucker or Jae Crowder, there has been essentially no rumors to report on in terms of interested targets.

With no rumors to go off of yet, fans have put together their own targets and possible trade packages to get them in green. I asked fans on the app formerly known as Twitter to give me the best proposals they could think of so that I could break them down and grade them. Here are the results.

Breaking down and grading 10 trade proposals from the Bucks fanbase

Bucks/Bulls/Clippers Trade

Bucks go all-in on defense with Bulls, Clippers

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With the Bucks struggling so mightily on defense now, why not go after three household defenders?

Alex Caruso is among the hottest targets on the market, and he'd immediately help make this team more formidable on defense. An All-Defensive honoree last season, the 6-foot-5 guard would make life so much easier for other Bucks, particularly Damian Lillard in the backcourt.

Bucks fans - and potentially even the Bucks themselves - may still have admiration for P.J. Tucker, who helped them win it all in 2021. Even if Tucker is not the player he was then, the toughness and intensity he brings would help a team that has looked somewhat lifeless at times this season.

As for Carter, another familiar face, he'd bring more defense to the backcourt, giving Milwaukee a guard who is willing to pick opponents up 94 feet and flat-out hound them. He's got familiarity with many of these players and could instantly slide into the lineup.

The Bucks would be much more formidable defensively with these three, giving them a trio of very versatile pieces who can fit in endless lineup combinations.

As for the outgoing pieces, the Bucks would essentially clean out their bench. It might sting for some to see players like Bobby Portis and Pat Connaughton go, but they've both been struggling mightily in 2023-24. Beauchamp has potential, but the Bucks may prefer win-now pieces if it's a deal like this.

The Clippers would likely give the thumbs up to this one very quickly, given that Tucker has not been a prominent piece in their rotation this season. If they could get a potential Sixth Man of the Year big man to shore up their depth for him, they'd take it.

It's incredibly unlikely that the Bulls would even entertain this. There are teams who would at least be willing to offer one, if not two, first-rounders for Caruso. Them not even getting a single second in this deal would almost certainly get some higher-ups fired.

Sure, Beauchamp has potential, but is he worth the equivalent of a first-round pick? Probably not in the eyes of the Bulls. Connaughton and Payne are both having down years and would not be too desirable in exchange for Caruso. Even if the Bucks added their two second-rounders, it'd be unlikely.

Grade for Milwaukee: A+

Grade for Chicago: F

Grade for LA: A+